Don’t hit a nail with a wrecking ball!

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I was thinking about the story of the USA space team (NASA) trying to write in space and the ink not flowing as there was no gravity. Millions of dollars and 10 years later an overpaid consultancy came up with a solution and really cool pen.

Over on the other side of the world, the Russian space team had experienced the same problem but solved it for a few dollars and a couple of minutes, they used a pencil!

So when you have a problem, don’t bring the whole army to solve it. The secret is to step back, assess what the situation is, look at possible solutions, weigh them up and decide which one is best for the best reasons.

Once you have done this, back the decision and implememt.

There is no need to always throw all your resources at something – you need to throw just enough at the solution to ensure that you solve it but then still have something left in the tank to execute.

This is where so many start-ups get it wrong. All the resources are thrown at the early stages and then when the solution is built there is no money left to actually market it! Consequently, they fail!

If you have a problem that you are battling with it may be that you just need a fresh pair of eyes. Book a time with me and let me help you solve it.


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