Should I talk dirty to you?

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No, no, no… It’s not that kind of post!

I’m talking about trash-talking!

You see sometimes in life we need to be motivated by force.

Sometimes telling someone they suck and will never reach their goals is the best thing you can do.

Sometimes we can do our best work in trying to prove someone wrong.

So now let me tell you how to use it right! Use it to motivate yourself even!

Being the recipient of some trash talking always gets me motivated.

If you are going to use it on others this is where you need to be careful.

It takes the right people – not everyone is motivated by trash talking – this is about understanding the people.

When you know that someone is a go-getter and that when correctly motivated they go heads down and nothing stops them from achieving their goals, well, then set fire under these team members and tell them “The will never reach their goal as there is only 2 weeks left”, sit back and watch them go stir crazy while mumbling : “I’ll show him!”

The last point which is important is that when they do hit their goals, eat a double dose of humble pie. Let them bathe in their victory and get the joy of telling everyone how they showed you! Make sure you are thick skinned as there will be a roast coming your way and you need to be able to take the burn!

The upside is this sets them up perfectly for the next time you need to kick them into gear!


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