Do your connections give or receive value?

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Lets categorise the roles people play in our lives:

A Giver – they will give you more than they take. Offering advice, maybe someone who writes motivational posts everyday and not expecting anything in return 😉

A Matcher – This is someone who does something when someone else does something too – kind of keeps the books even if you know what I mean.
This is generally a reactive person – they don’t initiate – but rather match the effort or gift.

A Taker – Well you can figure this one out. Always receiving more than they are giving.

I would like to think I am a Giver – by virtue of the fact that I am quick to give advice (which is something I actually sell as part of my profession) to most that ask it of me.

I would say at worst I am a Matcher as I will never receive without reciprocating. I know I am not a Taker.

The question is where do you sit in this categorisation?


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