Want to know how to get others to listen to you?

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The biggest problem we have is being familiar.

I have been guilty of this most of my life.

Basically, your team get comfortable with you and your style of leadership. Your team also sees engaging with you as work – so when it comes to sharing valuable information with them, information that others pay for, guess how engaged they are?

Yip – they are not engaged at all!

I have people pay me for training and advice. If my team or colleagues wanted it I would give it to them for free, but guess how many of them ask me for advice or questions that could help them in their work… you guessed it, zero!

So, what is the answer?

Bring in an outsider!

It’s that simple. Want to run an effective training session? Bring in an outsider.

Want to run a productive and informative business strategy with your board members? Bring in an outsider.

Need to have an “off-site” or a pivot session? Thinking about a strategy shift or a new acquisition?

Bring in an outsider!

This not only changes the dynamic in the room, but that person brings an outside perspective and because they are not invested in the company or share the dreams and visions – they can tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!

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