Want to win any argument?

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Then it is important to remember that you can not change a belief using intellect.

So if you are dealing with someone with a steadfast belief on a specific topic you can not win an argument using intelligence or “proof”.

I put proof in quotations as this is your proof not theirs.

If someone believes the earth is flat (nearly 9 million Americans do by the way), then acknowledge that you heard them and leave it there.

The benefits to you are that you will not be wasting your precious time, nor getting ramped up about it.

In business learning how to identify a person’s beliefs vs their understanding or intellect is gold!

Trying to go head on and instill your beliefs (yes you too believe things that others may not) will be futile and counter-productive.

So how do you win an argument?

Don’t start one! Yip – you cannot win against a belief – so its not worth trying in order to win – when they share a nugget of their beliefs – simply acknowledge it, affirm it and move on!

If you take this approach not only will you have less stress in your life, but, you will get less resistance from those you are trying to win over.

There are times where arguments need to be had, but this should only be from a point of authority, ie, when you need to take a corrective action with a subordinate, supplier or even a customer.

However, not attacking or arguing against their beliefs will ensure that you are already winning before it even starts.


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