How to slap a crisis in the face part 5 of 5?

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Well, that’s a week’s worth of slapping!

I do like writing these series-style posts as it allows me to make sure I can get my full thoughts down to share rather than trying to get it all into a short daily post.

So let’s finish off the week strong.

When faced with a crisis lean into it.

Take the slap through the face.

Dodging it may take more effort and still not deliver the right result.

If you are going to take a blow – take it willingly and be ready.

This will allow you to be prepared for a counterattack.

The punches are coming so instead of stepping back and avoiding them – lean in and tackle them. By leaning in – the damage is reduced as you have shortened the reach of the crisis. You take it head-on and are ready to counter.

If you have planned and have a plan of action for difficult times – you are prepared for the crisis. You are ready to embrace that things are about to get hard (and probably for your competitors too) so take the fight to the fight.

If a boat is taking on water you have a choice: do nothing and sink or plan to stop the leak and remove the water.

You may still start sinking but you will be sinking slower which means you can plan or try to alleviate the damage.

Sitting back and seeing what happens will do nothing and I promise that you will sink.

I have lots of customers telling me they will ride out the storm. There are costs to this – usually loss of income, having to reduce staff and overheads and change in the way things are done.

I say – put on a saddle and ride the storm – go jump straight into it – feet first – and then when in the middle of it deliver a slap that knocks the crisis flat on its back.

As you enjoy the weekend think back (or better still read this week’s posts again) over the week and ask yourself if you are prepared for the slap life can and probably will deliver sometime in the future and if not, what are you going to do to be prepared.

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