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You know when you walk into your home and your dog is always happy to see you?

Maybe your family don’t drop what they doing to come greet you but your dog will.

There is a lesson to be learnt here, how good do you feel when this happens?

Try adopt this trait for when you deal with people.

When they come for a meeting make them feel welcome.

When you at an event greet them as if they are the only people there.

Humans love to be loved and acknowledged. It’s a great way to be the guy or girl they are always happy to be around.

If people want to be around you or hang out with you, chance are, investors will too. You see we all have the “need to be loved” and it is free to give.

Don’t be fake or superficial, this will have the opposite effect.

It may seem like an effort to be nice (if it does we need to chat about that too, another time) but it is so small a thing that can yield such big results.

Respect is earned, not bought. People either respect or fear those senior to them. A good leader is someone who is respected. A good friend or colleague is someone that is admired.

Showing people you are truly happy to see them and want to be with them goes a long way for them as people and for you as a leader or potential investee.


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