Common characteristics of successful people part 3 of 3

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Time is money!

This however is often not really looked at in context.

You see – when you get “distracted” by TikTok or the local community posts on Facebook this literally costs money.

Here is an example:

If you earn $150k per year, this is $411 per day, $17 per hour and 30 cents per minute!

So if you spend 1 hour a day on Netflix – you are actually spending $510 of your potential to earn revenue, way more than the $8 per month subscription, right?

I have so many clients come to me and ask ” How do I make more money?”

A simple answer, turn off Facebook, Netflix and TikTok.

Would you do it?

More importantly, could you do it?

An average Season on Netflix is 12 episodes of 1 hour each

So binge watching 3 seasons – is 36 episodes or 36 hours, this show then costs you $612 ($17 per hour x 36 hours).

Now if you earn double or triple this does this scare you?

I watch and love TV – disappear down a rabbit-hole on TikTok every now and then so this post may be a bit hypocritical – but it is unfortunately, a reality!

Imagine if you had to pay every time you opened Facebook?
What if I asked you for $10 per minute to watch Youtube videos or take Snaps?

Learn to put distraction aside and turn this into money.

Book a session with me and I will help you make these changes and increase your productivity and ultimately your wealth.


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