What do people say about you when you are not around?

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Do you really want to know?

Well I wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t something I was thinking about it.

The simple answer is – Yes – you should know.


People will always have a perception of you – I wrote recently about the persona people put on in public vs who they really are.

The problem is that if their perception is wrong, then they are telling others the wrong thing about you too!

This is why it is important to know what they think.

If you are a douchebag then I guess it is what it is and you probably should own it then as its the truth.

However, I’m going to go with the possibility that if someone does think badly or less of you – it may be due to an occasion or interaction and may not be the whole picture.

Take time to engage with people that are important in your life and even more so those that can influence or affect your business.

Put good vibes out into the universe and you should get good ones back.

I spend a lot of time working with clients on their brands (both their personal brand and the actual corporate identities).

Would you like an honest initial assessment from someone that may not know you?

Better yet – this feedback could help you change a couple of things that will then improve your business too.

Book a session with me and let’s start the journey to a better you!


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