Taking responsibility for you day 5 of 5

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Lets quickly recap the week:

  1. Accepting that everything is your responsibility
  2. Stop negative influence
  3. Invest in yourself
  4. Look at your own capabilities

Today, to sum it all up – you need to realise that this is not a band-aid.

It’s a journey!

You have to journey to greatness – you don’t just wake up, read the daily Deliaf and become awesome (although it is definitely a good step in your routine).

Now like all journeys, they are better with people rather than solo.

You need to choose who to travel along this journey with.

But a caution – choose the wrong person and the journey could be a nightmare.

It is critical that you are constantly evaluating who you are with.

Move forward with people that eat better than you, train harder than you do, travel to more locations than your do, read more than you do.

Basically, you will rise to their level through association.

Equally if they are not at your current level or even worse below, cut them now!

As an aside; I have a friend who was a previous work colleague and she said to me that by sitting in the office next door she has learnt so much through osmosis, clearly the walls were really thin and/or I was really loud.
The point is, she learnt about things she had not known or cared about before just by being there and listening.

It is not easy to cut people out of your life – this will be one of the hardest choices you make.

But the most important one on your journey to greatness.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s series – see you next week.


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