Do you know how to ask questions?

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Ever see someone doing something you know they are not supposed to be doing, yet they seem really comfortable and unconcerned about being caught doing it?

There is one of two reasons for this:

  1. They don’t give a damn or
  2. They got permission.

Yet – it seems like something that should not be allowed.

An example.

Watching an episode of a series at work. Chances are this is not allowed.

So how is your collegue getting away with it?

The simple answer is they knew how to ask the question. If you go up to your employer and ask, “Is it ok to watch Netflix while at work”? Chance are the answer is going to be No, right?

What happens if you ask like this” While I am watching Netflix Is it still ok to to work on the presentation I am doing”?

Knowing where to put the focal point in a question helps you manipulate the outcome and direction or response that you get.

The next step is to have a reason. The word “Because” is well used in a question where you are trying to get an answer that you want.

Another example – When you are about to go to a checkout and you only have a handful of items. Chances are if you ask someone if you can cut in front that they will let you. The chance of success will increase ten fold if you give them a reason why. “Hi, do you mind if I cut in front of you, BECAUSE, my parking is about to expire and I would hate this handful of items to cost me the amount of a parking ticket!”

You need to get someone to do something. You can threaten them or offer a reward. This will only work a couple of times.

Get someone to rate something. When they answer high ask why they didn’t chose a lower number.

So, Ask them “On a scale of 1 to 10, How would you rate the quality of your Powerpoint”?

When they answer you, ask, “Why did you give it the score of 3”?

They then answer the question and self realise that they need to take the action.

This requires no threats, no offers but helps them self-actualise and in such, hopefully decide to take the appropriate action.


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