What really is a good life?

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There are certain definitions for this.

A religious life – following a way or belief and living that way based on a structure (not necessarily religious but what you believe in)

A meaningful life – where you dedicate to a cause or causes and do for others and the world rather than yourself – some would say , selfless or in some instances – selfish – in other words doing only for a purpose or with an end goal – only reading to better yourself rather than get lost in a book – only listen to a podcast that is business focussed, you get it.

A psychologically rich or well being focused life – this is being dedicated to being mentally well making sure that you are well and that you are comfortable in your state of mind.
Doing for you not for others.

The secret is to make sure you have a combination of all three of the above.

It is not good to be in just one of the above – it is important to have a mixture of the above.

The way to evaluate this is to ask yourself – “If I die tomorrow will I regret the way I lived?”

Most of us will probably say yes if we are truly honest, and this is not a bad thing, this means you have time to work out what needs to change, and to change it.

I spend time with my clients unpacking these types of questions and building plans on how to action them moving forward – book a time with me and let’s see if I can help you work out and answer some of these things too.


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