Start young

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Image: Nananke

A tree takes a long time to grow and the reason is that it spends most of its early years getting its roots well and truly embedded into the ground.

Today’s message pertains to both parents and employers.

Start conditioning them and molding them young.

For parents this seems obvious but for employers let me elaborate a bit more.

The reference to young here will be while they are new or fresh.

You see if you start a new employee out with all the right tools, guidance and direction chances are they will grow into the fruit bearing tree you desire and require for your business. The opposite is also unfortunately true.

A leader is a nurturer.

Your job is to ensure that each of your team members can grow to be the best they can possibly be. The output for you will be plentiful.

Back to the parents. It is difficult in these current conditions and I too am aware of this, but now more than ever, you need to condition and direct your kids to ensure that when we get through these challenging times they are ready to continue with their growth and find their place in the world.


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