Does a 4:3 make sense?

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4 day work week and 3 days off.

Yes said every employee, but what about the employers?

Let’s look at why this could be a good thing.

If it came with strings attached ie – super focused and delivery centric when it comes to outputs in return for the extra day to relax.

It’s no different to some gym programs – 4 hard days on and 3 off for recovery!

Will this work for everyone, probably not in fact it may not work for most.

You may find though that it does work for you. Let me elaborate:

We are working from home now, right?

Besides not seeing your friends or colleagues or even having to put pants on (I have spoken about this before but for now will let it slide), what is the one thing you don’t have to do?


If you have an office-bound job – you don’t have to travel too and from work – if this is a 30 min commute

Bwhahahahah – I live in Sydney and talk about a 30 min commute, sorry.

Ok – so if this is an hour (remember excluded in this hour is actually getting ready and looking presentable) in each direction that is 10 hours a week you no longer have to do.

A (normal) work day is 8 hours!

So not only can you do a 4 and 3 but you have 2 extra hours.

Lets talk about lunch time (again – for those that actually do take lunch) another 5 hours in the week.

So there is 15 hours to be reclaimed here and we only need 8.

Take the above and apply it to traveling to meetings…

We have wasted soooooo much time going to work as opposed to doing work.

If you can commit to getting that which needs to be done in 4 days, then why not?

Remember, we work to live not live to work.

This does require discipline and if you read last week’s post about focus, distractions, dealing with the family members that are now also at home – you will lose some of these hours but hey; you have 15 more hours than you did before.

So will you try a 4:3?

Will you as an employer think about a 4:3?

I would love to see more people doing this and then having more time to live and be present with their families and loved ones.

Try it – what do you have to lose?


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