Is there someone you want to meet?

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Trust is the lubricant that makes everything work.

Markets and stock prices are based on the trust in the company or Board of Directors.

We trust people that we know and therefore will consider trusting people they know too.

So, how do you meet anyone you want to?

It is simple, they need to trust you!

Sounds easy but it actually is not.

You see the people you are trying to meet don’t know you therefore they don’t (yet) trust you.

Cold calling is the exact opposite of this notion!

The secret is to find someone that knows the person you are trying to meet.

You need to find someone that knows them whether it’s their barber or driver or the dude that sits next to them at the local sports stadium.

This applies to everything in life – I use networks to get to people – I don’t cold call – it is more frustrating than it is beneficial.

So, if you want to meet someone, get referred in to them!


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