Is your mind strong enough?

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“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”
Winston Churchill

It takes a strong mind above all else.

I am currently getting towards the end part of what has been a really long move (2 months) and living in continual flux plays havoc on the mind, body and relationships!

So what do you do?

Simple – give up or push on.

This is not a blog about giving up so I guess another quote from the big man:

“When going through Hell; Just keep going”!

The world is tough and doing business gets harder and harder every day.

You can chose to give up or push on.

The most important thing is to not get into a mind battle with yourself, you will lose!

You have to do everything you can to stay positive. As soon as you let the thoughts of failing come into your head you already have failed.

Wow I used the “F” word a lot today. It was important though as I write these posts from personal experiences and thoise of my clients and friends. In this instance the transitions and constant moving parts have been making me question al kinds of things so hopefully if you are experiencing some of these, then today’s post and Sir Churchill’s wise words help.

I guess, it is important to remember that there will always be challenges ahead and it is how you navigate them that will determine how you come out the other side.

Remember, you will always come out the other side – it is just what that looks like that depends on you and your state of mind.


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