Fight the battle (Especially over the weekend)!

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The hardest battles you will ever have , are the temptations that are presented every day.

The distractions that stop you doing what you should be doing.

I have a weakness when it comes to Series. I watch “one more” instead of going to sleep.

Here is the real cost – I am tired the next day and therefore not as efficient as I should/would like to be.

I get distracted and then I lose.

Guess what? So do you.

The best skill we can learn here is to give in, but with with conditions!

Let’s take an easier example. Think about a diet – its’ easy to give in and have the whole chocolate, right?

Well what about the satisfaction of the taste in just a bite?

You see – that one bite willl give you what you need – the sugar rush, the flavour and everything else.

Can you stop at that point?

If you can, you have won.

This is how to win.

This is how to conquer.

This is what being awesome is all about!

So – apply this logic to everything you do – don’t over commit, don’t over indulge – take the satisfaction from the initial taste and then leave the calories behind.

Apply this thinking to business and the way you do (or don’t) do things. You will win every time.


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