Is it really that bad?

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It is a human trait to moan.

Believe me I have and done my fair share of it.

Here is a news flash: It is probably not as bad compared to things others are suffering!

There are debilitating diseases that cause unbelievable pain yet those suffering and push on through.

You lost a client today? Someone lost their parent or even worse, a child!

Didn’t hit the sales target? 20 companies liquidated as you are reading this!

There is no lobster at your favourite restaurant? Millions of children won’t be eating anything for the next 48 hours!

The idea of the post is not to depress you, although I must admit it does bring up a couple of unpleasant images!

The idea is to put everything into perspective.

Everything is relevant! So next time you think your world has come to a crashing end because there was no Almond Milk at the coffee shop, ask if it really is the end of the world!


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Image: Resource magazine

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