Do what you believe!

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What are you values and beliefs?

We all have them. The difference is that most of us are prepared to change these or “shift” them according to the situation.

An example.
I am not a fan of hunting. If I am in a meeting with an important client and I find out he is a huge fan of hunting I will not soften or shift my stance. This is me being true to what I believe at all times.
Chances are I may not get the work but it’s ok because if that is going to be the reason I don’t work with the client then so be it. I stay true to my beliefs and views.

This is the unpopular choice for many. But it is the choice of successful people.

It’s easy and even could make you popular or cool with the team to be the guy that everyone likes and is always down with the flow.
This is not what success looks like. Success is hard and honest. It requires you to make the same choice you always would not what the situation requires.

Don’t be popular. Be true


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