Are you a one hit wonder?

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This is a common occurrence in the music industry, but it also happens in business too.

Was it luck, timing, contacts? Who know and who cares – the point is – it happened.

We all know of someone or a company that has appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared back into the abyss.

To be a true entrepreneur and run a successful business and ultimately life, you need to hunker down for the long game.

There is no quick anything in life.

I hear you saying”But Brett what about so and so?”

Yes, overnight and one hit wonders do and will continue to happen. It’s not a long term play.

If you look at all the successful companies out there most of them have a list of failures or mis-starts and these learnings are what creates these companies and makes them the monsters they are today.

Just look at Elon and Tesla – this is not an overnight out of nowhere success. In fact he has danced with almost being bankrupt a few times.

Remember – overnight success takes about 10 years to achieve!

So don’t ask the question “Will you begin?” Ask “Will you last?” and then apply this to everything you set out to do.


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