Do you know how to conduct a great interview?

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Being able to interview is critical for so many reasons.

The interview is the point when you will be garning info to decide if the candidate is worthy of joining your company.

The trick is to decide the outcome – the reason you are interviewing them and the role they will fill.

The trick, get to the human not the candidate.

Understand their mind, understand their internal feelings and thinking.

The secret – you go first – tell them something that is a personal shortcoming or embarrassing moment – even if you make it up.

The point is to show them that you are human and in such, be human too.

In understanding more about the person, their personal lives etc you then get a better picture of who they are.

The other key is to research the person – more than what they provide you on a piece of paper or resume.

Check their social accounts, Google them and find out info that can be conversational rather than an enquiry!

Last of all – pose a question that is one to measure their strength – position the question from a point of weakness.

In other words; play down your ability and ask them to answer the question – they now feel like an expert and will show you a true view of who and what they are.


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