Be accountable to someone

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The best way to get stuff done is to promise someone you will do it!

Think about it – if you have a deadline – you have to make it or else there are ramifications.

So, if you make a pledge to someone that you will get “x” done by such a time and date the chances are you will get it done.

This person doesn’t have to be in your industry, doesn’t have to be important to you (in the sense of you have a personal or family bond) nor do they have to be someone that you respect or admire.

They just need to be someone that you know will check in on you and your progress and call you at that date and time and ask if it is done, even if they dont know what it is or what it does.

You see, when we commit to doing something, we generally do it.

It is easy to let ourselves down, it’s a lot harder to let someone else down.

So, make yourself beholden to someone and they will make you accountable to deliver that which you need to do.


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