Are you scared of failure?

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We are all scared of failure. Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem we face.

We are all so scared of failure that we don’t actually take the first step.

Just something to consider – no one actually becomes successful without failing first. So fail to succeed or as I like to say:


Now as this is Friday and I always post a positive post and hopefully one for you to reflect on over the weekend.

You can not succeed if you don’t try. Failure is the first step to success.

Whatever you are working on or planning on doing, it could be a product launch, or maybe it’s a blog you want to write. Maybe you are working on a formula that will make cars run on air?

You get it.

Whatever you are working on stop working on it and get it out there. What is the worst that can happen? Your product doesn’t work? Your blog is not read by anyone? The web application doesn’t do what it was supposed to.

So what? You still launched and this is the hardest part.

No product or service launches perfectly – look at Windows – Nearly 40 years old and still a terrible operating system (but it is, unfortunately, the biggest in the world).

You may not release a NY Times Best Sellers book – but you released it.

So think about that project or thing you want to do and spend the weekend planning the launch for Monday 08h00!

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