Excitement is Contagious!

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Photo: mrogers

If you are happy those around you will be too!

The energy you bring and give off is what will set the tone for the company or event.

No one likes to be around negative people. When you are at a networking event do you go where the noise and bustle is or hang around on the periphery? If the latter then you have other issues that need to be addressed!

Energy is contagious! When people around you are having a good time it’s hard for you not to. Think about a funeral, even if you were in a good mood, when you arrive at the funeral a sense of melancholy will come over you even if you were not directly linked to the person who has passed, just being around all the people that are mourning affects you.

This is normal. We feed off the energy of those around us. It’s hard enough being an Entrepreneur, so remove negativity and only surround yourself by positive and forward-moving people.

Think about it. Try it. Own it!


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