Who do you do it for?

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Who do you do what you do for?

This is a look at the people you work with and associate with too.

This is also who benefits from what you do.

Sometimes we have to stop and take stock. Remember that although it’s hard to get work if the client is taking too much time or draining too much energy; Fire them!

Your success is cumulative so make sure you have good positive energy and people around you.

When you can honestly answer who you do what you do for then you will see how the perspective of work and time spent as mentioned over the last few days, all falls into place.

Remember there is no correct answer here. Some people work only to provide for their families. Others work for fame and fortune (narcissistic reasons) which is ok as this is what they want and for whom they want it.

The reason we need to answer this question is so that when you are doing something you don’t want to be doing and it’s keeping you away from those you want to be with (even if that is yourself) then you can stop doing it and move on.


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