The L2L ratio

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Image: O’Reilly

How much time do you spend watching sports or for the not sporty Reality TV?

A bit of entertainment is good but what is amazing is how much people know about other people’s lives!
If it’s sports – the stats, career highlights, etc and Reality TV what brands they wear, who they dating or breaking up with etc.

Well if you stop and think about it; imagine if you took that time and spent it on yourself!

Imagine all that time learning more about what you do and researching the skills you have and services you offer!

This is the L2L ratio: Leisure to Learning.

The difference between the top 1% and the remaining 99% is that the former spend 99% of their time on their businesses and their self improvement and the other 99 … well you get it.

Instead of watching a sports event, watch a TED Talk about a topic that will help you close another deal or two.

Instead of binge watching Season 9 of Shameless, read a book.

You can have both but the ratio you allocate to L2L is directly proportional to the success you will or won’t achieve.


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