Is failure the key to success?

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Yip! I used the “F word” and I don’t mean Friday!

But honestly – there isn’t a successful person out there who has not failed.

Not talking about small little bumps or losses – I’m talking about massive and even bankruptcy!

The key though is to make sure that :-

(a) you are protected in the event – so when you set up businesses make sure they are in proper juristic vehicles and so if things go wrong, you don’t lose everything but only that which was linked to the business or venture.

(b) don’t put your family and loved ones at risk. This is your venture and your journey, not theirs.

If you are succeeding, you are probably not taking enough risk. Don’t get comfortable – always be uneasy – it keeps you alert!

Remember, failure doesn’t have to be a negative thing, you can learn so much from failing.

The lesson learnt from a failed experience should teach you something important to take the next steps in your growth.

Fail quickly and frequently to learn and grow exponentially.


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