Can we fix our churches, schools and kids?

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Not with the current attitude the world has recently decided to promote. You see the problem with all our institutions (yes I know there are other religious places of worship and I left out government too) is that we have decided that if the rules don’t work or necessarily work for us we can alter them.

When kids play sports we tell the losing team that it was ok and that as long as the spirit of the game was upheld it’s all good.

What bullshit! Did anyone get the job coming second? When you pitched for a new account against 4 other companies did the losing three get told that it was ok that they lost because the pitch was a well-spirited event? Better yet – did the owner of the losing companies give everyone raises and bonuses because they tried their best?

So why do we teach this rubbish at school? This is the place where hard lessons should be taught, and I might add, used to be taught.

I know this is a bit of a rant and there was a thing or two that triggered it – but remember – I write these posts to help those that read it question and hopefully learn and be better each and every day.

Stop playing for mediocracy and start playing for 1st place. No one tries to come second so don’t teach it or tell people it’s okay.

I work hard. I do so because I know 98% of my competitors don’t work as hard as I do and this means I have a 98% more chance of succeeding.

Think about what you do in your daily life. If you have young kids don’t tell them it’s okay that they lost as long as they tried their best. Rather start by telling them that you are proud they tried their best and then ask (or if they are too young to show) them what they think they could do to be better next time.

Yes – this is harsh but guess what – the world is a really tough place and I promise it will get harder, not easier as time progresses.

Prepare the future generation for the real future.

This also pertains to your business and your team. Start with an affirmation and then ensure they are accountable for their actions, acknowledge what they did wrong and ask them what they plan to do next time to make sure they win!


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