You are a liar!

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Yip. You are and not just a fib here and there. You are a constant and repetitive liar.

You see every day you say you are going to do something but you don’t.

You promised yourself a good gym workout. Didn’t happen. You swore to yourself that you would not drink coffee but you did and you took a solemn oath that today was the day you were going to clean out the store room …

The good news is you are not alone. We all do it.
I am one of the worst. I use an electronic to do list so that I can edit and move to a future date and magically make the task disappear!

We as humans love crossing off things on our lists. So if you move it to another day then in your mind it’s done. Wrong!

Here’s the advise for today. Print our a physical to do list. When you cross off the day’s events do it with a big red pen.

Seeing the cross will make you feel better and encourage you to continue crossing off the list.

I know some of you will probably do stuff that’s not on the list and then add it in so you can cross it off!

The point is that staring at the one or two remaining things to do will inspire you to do them.

When the list is on an app and out of sight it can be “forgotten”.

Write it, print it and cross it off!


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