Want to know the origin of all transformation?

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The answer is not money or luck.

It’s confidence!

Backing yourself to succeed rather than telling yourself you will fail.

No – I haven’t changed tac and gone all “The Universe will provide” – I am pointing out that we fixate on all the things that are broken and what we need to do to fix them or worse what the ramifications will be if we don’t.

If you go out into the world confident you have already won the battle.

You see too many of us have a “Plan B” – I don’t!

Never have and never will.

I have confidence in myself that no matter what – I will succeed and if I lose a couple of battles on the way then that is what they are, bumps not the end.

If you can learn to believe, not tell yourself, but truly believe in yourself, others will too.

When others believe in you, then they will want to do business with you and then the money comes in.

There are numerous ways of growing your confidence (and I have spoken about these in the past) the easiest is to go out and do something that scares the living heck out of you – when you get through it and survive take that adrenaline filled rush and capitalise by doing the next and then the next thing on the list of fear!

Turn Fear into Fun!

Grow and prosper.


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