Want to know the biggest mistakes leaders make?

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It’s actually simple; You need to realise that you are not in the business of what your business sells or does!

Leaders forget that they are in the People business!

Yip – If you lead a plumbing company, you don’t sell plumbing services, you lead the people in the business – you make sure that the people working in the business are the best they can possibly be!

The leader needs to get the right people doing the right thing at the right time and most important of all, doing it right!

Stop focusing on the business, focus on the people in the business. Too many people focus on the actual business, this is a managers problem, not a leader (I chatted about this last week).

Once you understand what the people in your businesses want and their needs, then you can lead them to help them achieve these goals. Understand their goals and align these to the goals or desired outcomes of the company and you will win every time!


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