Do you know how to motivate?

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People do things so that they can get a benefit therefrom.

This is a fact I promise. Even the most altruistic do so for personal reasons. Don’t agree? That’s OK.

But where it may not seem like a lot – they give or donate in return for the feeling they get from doing good.

See, they are still getting.

Here’s another reality – when people work for you, they are not doing so for the money you pay them. They are doing it for what the money can get them!

This may be as simple as paying the rent and putting food on the table or lavish like buying the latest Tesla and flying 1st class to some exotic destination.

So, how do you motivate people?

Understand the reasons they do what they do and then play to those reasons.

The above can be adapted to the person (staff or clients) that you are trying to motivate.

If you understand their core reasons for them doing what they do then you can manipulate or rather motivate them to make the decisions you want them to and in such benefit therefrom.

See, even you have a reason for doing what you do that is not necessarily about those around you but rather for what you can get for yourself.

When you can master the understanding of what the output is actually used for as opposed to the actual working for it, you will be able to motivate anyone to do anything.


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