The path to greatness

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Image: Kerwin Rae

Yesterday I touched on the path to greatness and most importantly – the resistance that is inside of you!

The way to change the resistance is to tackle it head on!

Raise the middle finger to this internal resistance and move in the direction that it is trying to hold you back from.

Our enemies and foes are not actually external.

Your greatest enemies are inside you.

You are your worst enemy (sorry – another cliché)

The path to greatness starts with a clear picture in your mind of what greatness looks like.

Not what it looks like to others, but to you!

Once you have this image then you need a plan to get you there – a plan to get to the great destination.

The easiest way is with a mentor (I am happy to help and hope that my daily posts have helped) – someone who has done the journey or has walked the path – someone who has been around, got the tshirts and the scars!

The last part to a successful journey to greatness is back-up.

It’s a long and arduous journey to achieving this goal – so you need people to support you along the way.

You need to hang out with others that are on the same journey – they too will understand the pain you are feeling and the goal you are trying to achieve


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