Get over it!

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The problems with emotions is that they cause us to make decisions based on our feelings.

Get over it!

You can not run a business on emotions. I have recently consulted with a client who is going through a forced name change of his company due to a competitor entering the market who have brand trademarks that will make it very difficult for him to continue under his current trading name.

The challenge he is facing is that he believes he will lose goodwill from clients and the name he has built up.

His biggest hurdle was that it was personal and it was his company that he had built and so was emotionally invested.

The reality is that people deal with him and his company for many more reasons.

His service, his quality of products, his delivery and the company as a whole.

This will not change if his name changes.

In fact we will be turning this into a positive as its a chance to shout out who we are, do some PR and get some exposure and most important of all, tell a story.

Tell a story of being there, delivering and now evolvoing.

I would love to help you with a transformation and share some of the successes of this client and others I have worked with over the past 20 years!

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If you are not constantly evolving you are currently dying!

Remember a change is as good as starting a new.


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