Do you need to make a big life choice?

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The hard route is normally the right choice.

I know, you are saying but if there is an easy route why not take it?

It’s a simple yet complex answer.

The simple answer is that everyone takes the easy route, winners take the hard one.

In everything in life there is more to gain by training harder, working longer and doing more.

Equally, 99% of the world will take the easy route. That is not us!

I don’t write this blog everyday because its easy – think about it each post is about 300 words – 5 days a week is 1500 words a week that is the same as churning out a book every 9 months!

I could take the easy route and either not write at all or write the “daily phrase”.

But I don’t. Why?

Well these have always been about sharing personal experiences and observations and hoping that if just one person benefits then I have done some good.

Given how many subscribers I have, I have to assume a lot of people benefit. But it doesn’t start like that. The first few posts I wrote had zero readers.

What did you expect – that you would write something and there would magically be a massive audience waiting to read it?

That is life.

It’s easy to do nothing but if you do, you will have nothing.

It’s harder to put in the effort and guess what…

So make the life choice! Do what you need to do and then back it.

If you choose to go easy that is fine – but own the decision and don’t moan if things don’t work out the way you dreamed they would (dreamed not planned – planning takes work).

Maybe you want to do more but don’t know how – let me help you – book a time with me.


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