How to make people feel great

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Yesterday’s message may have seemed a bit harsh.

Sorry – this is not a sugar-coated unicorn picnic, this is a what you need to hear blog!

However, today I thought I would write something a bit lighter.

Yesterday I spoke about what we do and say and how it has a ripple effect.

Today I would like to use a cliché:

“Have you tried walking in their shoes?”

We generally are self-centered and plan and plot to achieve our own goals and aspirations.

What about everyone else?

What about their emotions and what they are feeling?

What could you do to make them feel better or have a better day?

If you took 2 hours out of your hectic day and gave it to someone that would benefit from it or use it to make someone feel incredibly special – would this be so bad?

Not only would they remember it for the rest of their lives, but the full, sould, feeling you will get will make you feel so much better especially if things are going a bit bad?

In order to feel loved you need to show and share love.

Make every customer feel like they are your only one, make every employee feel like they have won employee of the year and most important of all, share your precious time with those important to you in your life.

Remember, don’t live to work, work to live!


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