What do people worship?

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So yesterday I spoke about how to retain and attract top talent.

The obvious things in life are actually the hardest things to understand and perceive.

We believe that we are the centre of the universe and that we are the most important person in the world.

I’m not judging – I am clarifying. It is not truly self-centred to think this way – it is actually factual – everything in your world is from your point of view so by definition you are in the centre of everything and everything expands from you outwards.

So understanding that people think like this (even if they don’t convey this as it may not be socially acceptible) you can then understand that this is a hard wiring in humans and you will learn how to communicate and motivate those around you.

Understanding what these people worship (this is not necessarily a religious connotation – maybe you worship money or cars) will help you to manage and motivate the people that you need too.

This applies to customers too -understand their value or worship components and play to these.

The point of this post was also to outline for you that this applies to you too!

This understaning of what it is that YOU worship means you will be able to learn how to understand yourself and what you need and what you desire. An example – if you worship intelligence, you will always think of yourself as not intellectually good enough. If you worship wealth you will always believe you are not as wealthy as others.

The simple truth is you are not!

There will always be someone wealthier, someone wiser and someone better!

Sorry – but that is just how it is.

So suck it up, accept it and get on with understanding how to benefit from this new found knowledge.


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