Want a plan for playing big?

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It’s simple – swing big and swing hard!

This unfortunately comes with a caveat. This applies to you if you are young and starting out.

Never bet the house! If you are older and have a family and a home – don’t risk it – you always need to protect the downside.

The worst thing you can do is to swing a punch at the opportunity that is riskier than the reward.

You don’t bet the farm to see if you can grow some new crops.

I am not suggesting that if you are young you should just take risks – I am saying that you potentially have less to lose and maybe don’t have a wife or kids dependent on you.

If you are older – you need to remove the direct risks first – so your family won’t be out on the street – then work out what you can afford to lose – check again that your calculations are correct and then swing big and hard.

I am all for opportunities and creating wealth and success – but only a fool will chase success down failure street.


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