So what is the key to success?

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The biggest problem when chasing success is taking your foot off the gas!

Most people climb to the top of the proverbial hill and then stop and take in the view!

This is the first stage of going downhill.

You see you should never strive for a point – you should always continue to climb. You should always be striving for more and better – success is not a goal it is a continual journey.

The biggest cause of failure is forgetting what you did and need to continue to do to get to where you are.

When you throw a stone up into the air – it doesn’t matter how high it goes, it will eventually stop and start to fall back down to earth. Your success is no different – without the continual force behind you – you will come back down to where you started.

Make sure you have more gas in the tank, never burn out but don’t slow down or stop unless it is necessary and planned.


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