Get in the game

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Image: Avalon Church

It’s interesting to see how people are reacting to our new world.

We have the denialists that are just hanging around waiting for things to just simply go back to normal, sorry but this is not going to happen.
Then you have the panickers – stockpiling toilet paper and face masks.

Others are learning how to cope and exist and further start to plan what their futures are going to look like.

These are all normal cycles and we have probably all gone through all 3 stages – the critical thing is to not be in any of these patterns.

Now is the time to step up and lead the game.

We need people to have strong heads and clear focus. You need to be those people.

You need to accept, plan and action all at the same time, you need to lead.

With good concise leadership we will emerge on the other side of whatever is waiting for us and we will get through this.


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