How to be and stay determined

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Determination is generally the drive of wanting (or not wanting) something.

If you have the ability to desire something and then more importantly chase it until you have it, that is determination.

However, sometimes a negative is more important than a positive.

Despising something or someone can also fuel the fire.

Remember – I am not proposing harm or hurt on someone – I am saying that, for example, if someone has told you that you will never amount to anything in life, take that and turn that into a resolution that drives you hard and long to achieve unbelievable success so that you can prove them wrong.

I had a teacher say this to me and as much as I would love to go and tell him I earn more in a month than he does in a year – I didn’t because I would hate him to try claim the credit when he was actually oblivious to the fact that his negative thoughts and hatred towards me actually fuelled me to (in my mind) kick his ass!

This is not about bragging or boasting – this is about find an emotional trigger and super-sizing it.

When you feel like giving up, you are showing a lack of respect to yourself!

When its tough, dig deeper.

Draw a line in the sand and then do it!


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