Maintaining momentum

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We get to a point where we “relax” or get comfortable and then if there is a dip or bad period we realise that there is a potential problem.

If you need to earn more – spend more!

I am not advocating getting yourself into debt – I am outlining that if you have responsibilities and financial obligations then you will find a way to get these met.

If you are a sales person and target incentivised you will probably not go and watch the “big game” if you are behind on your targets – you will knuckle down and find the extra sales.

Do as if your life depends on it.

I am talking about spending more of yourself.

You need to turn want to into have to.

If you have a life-threatening scenario that will cost a lot of money to service- you will find a way to pay these bills.

Adopting this mind set in your daily business means we turn could into must!

Don’t want or think about doing it – do it!


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