Do you know that “Thanks” is free?

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I usually try be positive all the time and especially going into the weekend.
Today will be no different, but ….

Based on yesterday’s post, I have to moan, but hopefully in doing so I am being a change agent and there will be more change.

This post is aimed mainly at the Sydney-Siders.

I hope that there is nothing in the water or air that has caused paralysis of your arms while you drive. Besides this being dangerous as you won’t be able to steer, it makes me mad how drivers in this city (I’m sure there are other cities around the world too) can’t raise their hands to say thanks when you let them pull in front of you or slow so one can enter the traffic and many other simple and courteous things.

People, it is free to say thanks, it takes 2 seconds to raise your hand and acknowledge the kind act!

What’s worse is I have seen people actually speed up to close a gap to ensure someone can’t get in front of them!

To all of you people out there, please read yesterday’s post and then pull your heads out of your own butts.

So this weekend, practice being nice and for those of you that already do the simple kind things, please continue to do so and educate the idiots around you.

Share kindness and respect – it will make this revolving rock more tolerable.


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