Do you know who I am?

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You don’t?

Good then I am doing something right.

In this current world we spend hours trying to let people know who we are.

Posting every meal we have on Facebook or telling everyone where we are going and who we going with on Instagram.

Everyone is trying to get their place in the sun.

Well here’s the reality. While you are trying so hard to be known; those in the know are getting shit done.

While you spending hours (and even money) building your profile and following who is following; the real successful people are closing real deals and earning real money.

I use social networks and probably am guilty of the above at times but the point I’m trying to make here is that it’s like a fake suntan. It looks good today, starts to fade tomorrow and is gone by next week!

Build a legacy that you know will be here for years to come and the when the money is rolling in you can take the day off and go to the beach for a real tan.


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