Do you know how to redirect your energy?

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Take all the forces pushing back on you and shift them into a positive force.

Think about Aikido. This is a popular Martial Arts and one that some famous people like Steven Segal are very skilled in.

They don’t use force against their enemies, they take the movement or attack from their enemy and harness the force and use it against them.

The learning here is to use distractions to become the focus.


Glad you asked.

If you are going to sit down and write a strategy then first – identify all the things that will or could distract you.

Your phone, Social Media, email, etc.

Then – turn them off or silence them before you start.

What you are doing is elimination or redirecting the time that would be wasted on the distraction and focusing it onto the task at hand.

Just like Aikido, you are moving an opposing force to your advantage.


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