How to gain an edge part 5 of 5

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The final part in the series.

Well I know its the weekend, but

Speed up!

Move faster, decide quicker, close faster.

Stop procrastinating – train others to make decisions quicker.

I have banged my head against the wall for so many years with clients that need top “Go over it” or “Digest”

Time really is money – especially in the services business – you can not sell the time that has passed and every minute that passes is money literally rolling out the door!

Don’t put off for tomorrow – do it now.

One example I have is a simple task when it comes to mail – don’t open the letter (yes some people still send paper letters) until you are ready to actually process it. If you are not going to process or act on the document don’t even waste the time opening it. This applies to email as well – don’t click the mail until you are ready, prepared and able to respond or action it (The heading and who it is from should give you insight).

When you put something off for later – then the stuff you should be doing later gets pushed out too – see the pile of crap you are creating for yourself.

Do it now, do it quickly and then move on.

I have 3 simple options:-

Do it

Delegate it or

Delete it!

I hope this series has helped you think about what you are currently doing and how you could look to change a few things to increase your performance.

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