How to gain more time and money

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You can’t gain more time – as we all have the same amount of time. I wrote about this on Monday.

The problem is what we do with our time.
Yesterday was (hopefully) an awakening for you

So – how to gain more money?

That’s easier – use your time better!

It’s simple – stop wasting time on things that can’t make you money.

I love watching series – if each episode is an hour and a season has 10 episodes and there are 4 seasons – this is 40 hours wasted.

That is an official work week!

I hear you saying that we can’t work 24/7 – well no you can’t you do need to sleep as well.

I am just illustrating how we have the potential to waste time.

So if you want to watch series – that is fine, but you can’t say you don’t have time to do the work that is waiting for you – or to look up new customers to contact etc.

So maybe you don’t give up your TV watching – then stop the mindless scrolling/trolling through Social Media. Who knows how many hours you are wasting on that.

Time is the only true currency in our lives. There is no exchange rates, no inflation or depreciation.

We all have the same amount, the difference is where and how you invest it.


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