Time to upgrade your team part 2 or 2

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Yesterday we chatted about making hard decisions that are actually easy.

Today I need to addresss another issue – the concept of Family at the office.

I am truly guilty of this one so thinking about what I wrote yesterday made me think about this factor even more.

The problem is they are a team not a family.

You can’t fire your family (and they know this) so don’t make your employees feel like they are family.

You can love your team (I have always had great relationships with my team) but you have to remind them and yourself, they are a team and not family.

If you can change this mindset and outlook then it will be easier for you to look at your current team and decide if they are the right bunch to do the job.

The old saying, “You can’t choose your family” is actually the realisation that we all need.

This is true, but equally, you CAN choose your team – so don’t think of them as a family – but rather the best people you could possibly have surrounding you. If they are not, change it.


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