Failure is the stepping stone to success

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Image: The Umulat

Yes I am using the F word!

All the people we aspire to be like have failed (and sometimes really badly ) numerous times.

Failure is the learning as to what not to do.

You see we are scared of failing, but if you take the simple premis and even name of this blog; we turn failed around.

The idea is not to fail and quit but to fail, step back, take stock and move forward without making the same mistakes again.

If you speak to anyone that is super successful they will tell you that they have made more bad investments than they have good, however, the ones they got right were 100 fold more successful than the the loses they incurred on the numerous failures.

I am using the F word a lot today, it is not a bad thing. Failure has, is and always will be there – it is how we learn from it, how we come back from it and how we turn it around.

It is how we Deliaf!


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