Making an impact – 2 of 2

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Hopefully you ready yesterday’s post!

Today we going to look at you.

Every leader needs to answer the following 3 questions:

1.Who am I?
You need to know the answer to this before you can lead others! Remember this is who you really are not who others think you are or expect you to be.

What do I believe in and why?

The why part is the most important part of this question. What do I stand for and why? What are my goals and why – you get it.

2.What are we?
This is a look at the bigger team with you as its leader – when you fuly understand your reason for being part of, or in this case, leading a team.
What do we do here? Why are we a team? Where do we fit in? What are the core values of the organisation?

  1. How is the future different because of us?

How will things be different because of what we do, because we are here and because of what we do!
This is basically the outcome of the assembly of your team under your leadership.

To make an impact you need to know how your presence impacts on those around you and if it is the impact that you want.

Don’t make a dent, cause a frickin crater!


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